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"The resistance groups committed themselves not to attack but to protect voting centers and not allow any other group to attack them. They kept their promise and we thank them for this,"

Adnan al-Dulaimi, leading Sunni politician

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Polish Intelligence Base Focus of Probe

satelite picture

AP/  STARE KIEJKUTY, Poland -- A cluster of antennas rising over a dense pine forest is all outsiders can see of Poland's Kiejkuty intelligence base, recently the center of speculation over alleged secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe. 

the Kiejkuty base's location -- just 12 miles from Sczytno-Szymany airport -- that has drawn media attention after Human Rights Watch said the airport was used as a stopping point for secret CIA prisoner flights.
The Council of Europe is investigating reports that the CIA held terror suspects in secret detentioncenters in Eastern Europe.  Poland's government denies it ever housed any such prison. But if there had been one, Kiejkuty seems a likely location.

At least that is the way Polish news media have seen it. Journalists from the Rzeczpospolita newspaper had film confiscated when they approached the base recently, and the TVN24 news channel broadcast from outside the facility on Thursday.

The attention from journalists does not go over well with some of the 250 residents of the muddy village of Stare Kiejkuty. The town, across the lake from the base, consists of a few houses, a small general store, and a mailbox.

A former head of Poland's intelligence agency, Zbigniew Siemiatkowski, has openly discussed the existence of the school but disputes claims of any clandestine CIA prisons there.

"It's no secret that in Kiejkuty there is an intelligence school," Siemiatkowski told the PAP news agency. "It's also no secret that Poland cooperates very closely with the CIA."

But, he said, the school "has nothing to do with secret prisons."

Polish Intelligence Base Focus of Probe AP

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czwartek, 15 grudnia 2005
Al Qaida Video Depicting the Murder of Four Ghadr Members in Tal Afar

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"The lions of monotheism of the organisation of al-Qaeda have launched a new blessed military offensive against the seats of apostates and infidels to force into crisis the blasphemous democratic marriage" reads a statement posted on Islamist websites.


The Iraqi people are going to the polls again for the third time this year. In January they elected a transitional assembly which drafted a new constitution and designated a transitional government. In October they approved the new constitution in a referendum. Now they are to elect a new parliament that will close the transition period.

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środa, 14 grudnia 2005

"And it is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong"

President Bush's speech on the Iraq war

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poniedziałek, 12 grudnia 2005
VIDEO " “Impediments to Jihad" download

As Sahab

30 MB

Download video

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Best software - OSINT Prize



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 Ayman Al-Zawahiri newest audio 48min "

deweloping story ...

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niedziela, 11 grudnia 2005
under construction ?

The site is under construction,  but please come back again.

  not really :

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Who belive in Nostradamus ?

They do ... 


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sobota, 10 grudnia 2005
VIDEO : Al Qaida attack on Baghdad hotel complex October 25.

    OSINT is in possesion of  the Al Qaida propagada video  "Badr Baghdad Assault  "

It shows advance target surveillance, preparations, the plan, execution and aftermath of the attack. The three vehicles used and the suicide bombers, Abu Na'eem al-Najdi, Abu Dahham and Abu Juhaiman, are featured.

contact for  media :  cyberspace 

"Three suicide bombers have staged a coordinated attack on a Baghdad hotel complex used by foreign journalists, killing at least 15 people.  The coordinated attack, at dusk in front of rolling television cameras and guaranteed global media coverage."

Baghdad hotel complex attack kills 15

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News upate

Szymany Airport(Poland ) received two letters from Sweden thretening of revenge.

OSINT   archive :    "Poland and Romania - hosts secret CIA prison ?"

Poland and Romania, both declared they had no secret prisons.


Is Jamaat At-Tawheed wal'Jihad Al-Swied ( an off shoot of the Army of Ansar Al-Sunnah) author of the threat letter  to airport    ?

Swedish Mujahideen Issue Final Warning To Europe

Terrorist group threatens Sweden and EU

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piątek, 09 grudnia 2005


GITMO - THE NEW RULES OF WAR" is finally, after almost three years of production, ready for premiere.

The film starts from a pleasant visit to the prison camp of Guantanamo Bay and embarks for a journey to Washington, Stockholm, Bucharest then to Abu Ghraib in Iraq and slowly....a new scary world is revealing itself.

Produced by Kristina Åberg, co-produced by Mikael Olsen from danish Zentropa Entertainment, and also by Swedish Television, Finnish YLEIS. Supported by Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute and by Nordic Film & TV fund.

GITMO - THE NEW RULES OF WAR is distributed worldwide by Toronto based Films Transit.

What is going on at Guantanamo Bay? 


  • GITMO press kit 1
  • GITMO press kit 2
  • GITMO press kit 3
  • GITMO press kit 4
  • GITMO press kit 4
  • GITMO press kit 6
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    Latest news from Spain

    Spanish police have arrested six men and one woman on suspicion of funding terrorism. The seven suspects are all Algerians who sent money to the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat using a complicated system of bank accounts. This fundamentalist group is thought to have links with the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

    The suspects are alleged to have obtained the funds by theft, smuggling and falsification of documents. The arrests were made at various locations on the Costa del Sol. Houses were searched in Málaga, Torremolinos and Marbella.

    Spain arrests 7 for financing terrorism

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    Response to

    email from  System Admin Abuse Department

    " We are well aware of who the site belongs to and what they are doing and we are already working with the FBI in regards to this investigation. When they are ready for the site to be removed, the FBI will tell us to do so. Any other questions you may have in regards to this can be directed to the FBI. Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way."

    Powweb Inc  .

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    Gazeta : Poland was the main base for CIA interrogations in Europe

     Polish Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz

    WARSAW (Reuters)

    Poland was the heart of the CIA's secret detention network in Europe, with bases there until recently holding a quarter of the 100 detainees estimated held in such camps worldwide, a human rights group said.

    Reports of the CIA operating secret jails in Poland and Romania as part of its war on terrorism have caused controversy on both sides of the Atlantic and dogged U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's European trip this week.

    Polish authorities have repeatedly denied the existence of secret jails onPolish territory, with Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz saying this week he would fully cooperate in human rights probes into the allegations.

    "Poland was the main base for CIA interrogations in Europe, while Romania played more of a role in the transfer of detained prisoners," Marc Garlasco, a leading analyst at Human Rights Watch, was quoted by Polish daily  Gazeta Wyborcza on Friday as saying.

    Following is a list of 12 high-value targets housed by the CIA. ( ABC NEWS )

    Abu Zubaydah: Held first in Thailand then Poland

    Ibn Al-Shaykh al-Libi: Held in Poland. Previously held in Pakistan/Afghanistan

    Abdul Rahim al-Sharqawi: Held in Poland

    Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri: Held in Poland

    Ramzi Binalshibh: Held in Poland

    Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman: Held in Poland

    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed: Held in Poland

    Waleed Mohammed bin Attash: Held in Poland

    Hambali: In U.S. custody. Kept isolated from other high-value targets.

    Hassan Ghul: Held in Poland.

    Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani: Held in Poland

    Abu Faraj al-Libbi: Held in Poland

    List of “Ghost Prisoners” Possibly in CIA Custody

    "While in the secret facilities in Eastern Europe, Abu Zubaydah and his fellow captives were fed breakfasts that included yogurt and fruit, lunches that included steamed vegetables and beans, and dinners that included meat or chicken and more vegetables and rice, sources say. In exchange for cooperation, prisoners were sometimes given hard candies, desserts and chocolates. Abu Zubaydah was partial to Kit Kats, the same treat Saddam Hussein fancied in his captivity. "

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    czwartek, 08 grudnia 2005
    U.S. hostage killed

    An Islamic insurgent group said on Thursday it had killed a U.S. hostage who, if the claim is confirmed, would be the first foreign captive killed in Iraq for four months and the first American in more than a year.

    The statement's authenticity could not be verified and no pictures or video accompanied it.

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    The largest terrorism trial ever held in the Netherlands is due to begin

    The largest terrorism trial ever held in the Netherlands is due to begin next Monday, when 14 alleged members of the so-called 'Hofstad' network of radical Muslims will appear before an Amsterdam court in proceedings that are expected to last well into February

    Among the accused is Mohammed Bouyeri, the convicted murderer of Dutch filmmaker and publicist Theo van Gogh. Most of those standing trial are accused of membership of a terrorist organisation; some of actually planning terrorist attacks. All are believed to adhere to one of the most radical interpretations of the Salafist movement within the Sunni branch of Islam; many have stopped visiting official mosques, believing they are too 'soft'.

    The 'Hofstad' group - just dangerous amateurs?

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    Dutch secret service leaves confidential CDs in leased car

    The Dutch secret service, the AIVD, is again involved in an embarrassing scandal after one of its agents left two computer disks with top secret material in a leased car. The CDs were forwarded to the country's leading crime reporter, Peter de Vries, who has announced that he will release the information on his television programme on Sunday.

    According to the information on the CDs, the secret service spent a lot of time gathering information on the sex life of populist politician Pim Fortuyn, who was killed three years ago. The CDs also describe how the secret service has infiltrated the Dutch environmentalist movement.

    The secret service is demanding that Mr De Vries return the CDs and has warned that he could face 15 years in prison for divulging secret information. Mr De Vries recently announced that he will form a political party and take part in the 2007 parliamentary elections, if the polls show he has enough support.

    Dutch secret service leaves confidential CDs in leased car

    Update :

    The Dutch government is facing one of the worst intelligence disasters in recent years.

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    Al Jazeera had aired excerpts

    DUBAI, Dec 7 (Reuters)

    Al Qaeda's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri has urged militants to attack oil targets in Muslim states.

    He was speaking in a video interview posted on an Islamist Web site on Wednesday. Arabic television Al Jazeera said later it had aired excerpts from the same interview on Sept. 19, but had excluded some sections, including the threat to oil targets.

    "I call on mujahideen to concentrate their attacks on Muslims' stolen oil, most of the revenues of which go to the enemies of Islam while most of what they leave is seized by the thieves who rule our countries," Zawahri said.

    full movie: at AS SAHAB SITE :

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    Iraqi Kidnappers Extend Deadline Two Days



    Kidnappers extended a deadline until Saturday in their threat to kill four captive peace activists and posted a video of two of the hostages wearing robes and shackled with chains.

    "I'd like to offer my plea to the people of America, not the government of America, a plea for my release from captivity and also a plea for a release from captivity of all the people of Iraq who are also suffering the same fate," Fox said in the transcript, provided by IntelCenter. "And that is the occupation of the American troops and the British troops which has brought me to this condition and has brought the Iraqi people to the condition they're in."

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    środa, 07 grudnia 2005
    OSINT - Iraq militants threaten to kill U.S. hostage

    Islamic group said it has kidnapped a US national and threatened to kill him unless all prisoners in Iraq are released, the al-Jazeera said on Tuesday.

    The group, calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq, demanded all prisoners in Iraq be freed, otherwise they will kill the hostage, the channel said.

    Al-Jazeera television on Tuesday broadcast an Iraqi insurgent video that purported to show a kidnapped U.S. security consultant. "In the video, you can see a blond, Western-looking man, sitting down with his hands tied behind his back,"

    It also showed an American passport and an Arabic identity card bearing the name Ronald Schulz

    A voice speaking over the video addresses U.S. President George W. Bush, “in light of his said victory strategy,” and states that victory will never come for America, but only for the mujahideen. Further, the narrator emphasizes that protection will never come from the Shi’ites, and America should abandon their “illusive dreams” and leave the country immediately

    IAI website :

    ".... the arresting on one of the pigs the criminals in operation is swift, and after the investigation with him fixed that he security adviser in ministry of the reconstruction and the housing hesitation of to Iraq for several times where trips between Baghdad rose in and America. To the disbelieving forces in several criminal operations in preservation of Al-Anbar rose the patient resister does not hand over from her child nor woman, the houses destroyed and the mosques demolished.

     On this so I demands:

    1 - releasing of instant for all prisoners in the jails.

    2 - compensation families of conservative Al-Anbar about all losses which hit them just as compensated killed him Lockerbie. As for defeat of the American forces and her withdrawal so that he certain matter close in permission of Allah rose.

    Criminals of the war in the black house give time (72) hour for execution our claimant and in disagreement that killing of this criminal   will be complete, and the praising [llh] god of the scientists.... "

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    Currently held hostages


    Ronald SchulzAmericanDec. 6, 2005
    Note: Al-Jazeera broadcast a video in which the Islamic Army of Iraq threatened to execute Schulz within 48 hours unless the U.S. released all Iraqi prisoners. Schulz is a security consultant.
    Bernard PlancheFrenchDec. 5, 2005
    Note: Planche - the head of mission for AACCESS NGO, a group that works on U.S.-funded water projects - was grabbed by gunmen as he was getting into a car in the wealthy Mansour district of Baghdad. He was on his way to work at the Risafa Water Plant, in the center of the capital.
    Four unnamed hostagesIranianNov. 29, 2005
    Note: Four men and two women were kidnapped north of Baghdad. The two women were subsequently released.
    James Loney
    Harmeet Singh Sooden
    Tom Fox
    Norman Kember
    Nov. 26, 2005
    Note: On Nov. 29, Al-Jazeera aired a videotape from an unknown Iraqi group. The group calls the four Westerner "spies." A day earlier, the aid group, Christian Peacemaker Teams, confirmed the two Canadians had been in Iraq doing work for them at the time of their capture.
    CBC Story: Ottawa working to free 2 Canadians held hostage in Iraq
    CBC Story: Christian agency blames U.S. for kidnappings
    Susanne Osthoff and driverGermanNov. 25, 2005
    Note: German television broadcast video of Osthoff in which kidnappers threatened to kill the 43-year-old archaeologist unless Berlin stops co-operating with the U.S.-backed Iraqi government.
    Ihab al-SherifEgyptianJuly 2, 2005
    Note: al-Sherif is an Egyptian diplomat. He was expected to become the first Arab ambassador to Iraq's new government. Only in the country a few weeks, he was accosted when he stopped to buy a newspaper, then pistol-whipped and accused of being an "American spy."
    Ali MusluogluTurkishMay 19, 2005
    Note: A businessman kidnapped in Baghdad.
    Rami DaasPalestinianMay 9, 2005
    Note: Daas's family says the student was kidnapped at gunpoint in Mosul.
    Jeffrey Ake American April 11, 2005
    Note: Al-Jazeera aired a videotape of Ake urging the U.S. government to withdraw from Iraq and negotiate with his captors.

    CBC STORY: Australian hostage's fate unknown as deadline passes

    CBC STORY: Al-Jazeera shows video of U.S. hostage in Iraq
    Nabil Tawfiq Sulieman, Matwali Mohammed QassemEgyptianMarch 19, 2005
    Note: The National Movement of the Land of Two Rivers claimed responsibility for the abduction of the Egyptian engineers on a video that appeared on an Islamic website.
    Ibrahim al-MaharmenJordanianMarch 5, 2005
    Note: The Jordanian Foreign Ministry said his captors demanded $250,000 US ransom.
    Joao Jose Vasconcellos BrazilianJan. 19, 2005
    Note: The engineer was abducted in an attack that killed an Iraqi and a British security officer.
    CBC STORY: French journalist abducted in Iraq appears on video
    Abdulkadir Tanrikulu Turkish Jan. 13, 2005
    Badri Ghazi Abu Hamzah Lebanese Nov. 13, 2004
    Radim Sadiq American Nov. 2, 2004
    Note: The Lebanese-American businessman was shown in a video that aired Nov. 11.
    Roy Hallums, Roberto Tarongoy American, Filipino Nov. 1, 2004
    Note: Works for a Saudi company that does catering for the Iraqi army. Hallums appeared in a videotape Jan. 25, 2005, pleading for help from Arab leaders.
    Aban Elias American May 3, 2004
    Note: The Iraqi-American civil engineer from Denver was kidnapped by Islamic Rage Brigade.
    Rifat Mohammed RifatCanadianApril 8, 2004

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    Armed men have seized a French engineer outside his home in Baghdad, beating their screaming victim as they hauled him away.


    Officials identified him as Bernard Planche, who worked at the Rusafa water treatment plant in eastern Baghdad. It was the third kidnapping of Westerners in Iraq in 10 days. 

    Planche was kidnapped on Monday by seven armed men in two cars as he prepared to leave his home in the west Baghdad district of Mansur, police quoted witnesses as saying. Small pools of blood were left outside the gates of his house. 

    One neighbour, who declined to be named, said: "The whole neighbourhood watched and no one did anything to help him. The Frenchman had his hands in the air and was screaming." 
        In Paris, Jean-Baptiste Mattei, the French Foreign Ministry spokesman, declined to confirm the kidnapping.
    "We are checking with our embassy in Baghdad and hope to have more details in the coming hours," Mattei said.  A French embassy official in Baghdad said he was trying to get information. 

    Information update:

    The French embassy in Baghdad said Tuesday it was pressing contacts in order to win the release of a French engineer who was kidapped at gunpoint in the Iraqi capital a day earlier.
     "We are doing everything possible for the release of Bernard Planche," said embassy official, without elaborating.
    The same efforts are being made for Planche as with two previous kidnappings of French hostages, the source said.

    Planche was snatched from his home in the upmarket western Baghdad neighbourhood of Mansur by three gunmen and a woman.
    The embassy had said it was concerned for the 52-year-old's safety accusing him of failing to take the necessary security steps."He was warned several times, without result, in recent months and on November 20 again. He thought he knew what he had to do," he said.
     Planche worked for an organisation called AACCESS "in the social and economic sector


    Mr. Planche was kidnapped in the Mansour district of western Baghdad, a relatively wealthy neighborhood of large houses populated by members of the Baghdad elite, foreign embassies and international companies. Other foreigners have been attacked there, including the top Algerian diplomat in Iraq and a colleague, who were kidnapped in July, and the senior diplomats from Bahrain and Pakistan, who were ambushed in July but escaped.

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