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sobota, 18 marca 2006


Jabha - Baghdad Sniper who claims to have killed more than 140 U.S. troops

al-Jabha el-Islamiya lil =Moqawama al-Iraqiya

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czwartek, 09 marca 2006


Admin Name:LVO La Voix des Opprimes
Admin Organization:Agence de nouvelles internationales
Admin Street1:101 Orford Road
Admin Street2:9 Village Court
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Walthamstow
Admin State/Province:London
Admin Postal Code:E17 9TA
Admin Country:GB

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środa, 08 marca 2006

The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point :

Harmony and Disharmony: Exploiting Al-Qa'ida's Organizational Vulnerabilities

" Based on a collection of al-Qa’ida documents that have recently been released from the Department of Defense’s Harmony Database, this report provides an analysis of al-Qa’ida’s organizational vulnerabilities. These documents, captured in the course of operations supporting the GWOT, have never before been made available to the academic and policy community.  “Harmony and Disharmony” includes a theoretically informed analysis of potential opportunities to exploit al-Qa’ida’s network vulnerabilities, a case study of jihadi operational failure, and specific recommendations for effectively addressing the evolving al-Qa’ida threat"

Harmony Document List

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Video shows Iraq hostage appeal


Al  A videotape of three of the four kidnapped Christian Peacemaker activists shows the men asking their governments and countries in the Gulf to work for their release.

It was not immediately clear which of the four hostages, who disappeared on 26 November, was not in the video broadcast on Tuesday by Aljazeera. It carried a 28 February date superimposed on the tape. The tape showed the three men sitting in chairs. One of those on the tape had white hair and a slight beard, the two others had dark hair and full beards. The previously unknown Swords of Righteousness Brigades had said they were responsible for the kidnapping.

The four workers - two Canadians, an American and a Briton - were last seen in a videotape aired by Aljazeera on 28 January and dated 21 January.

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SITE Intitute :   Cyber-Terrorist Irhabi007  is  Younis Tsouli

For almost two years, intelligence services and government agencies around the globe have tried to uncover the identity of the notorious Internet expert Irhabi 007 (Terrorist 007), an infamous hacker whose teachings and contributions to the jihadi Internet community reigned unparalleled until the summer of 2005. It was then, on October 21, 2005, that British Authorities in Scotland Yard arrested four youth under the Terrorism Act instated after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Among these individuals was 22 year old West London resident Younis Tsouli, recently revealed to be the infamous “Irhabi 007” himself. Celebrated in jihadi circles for his extensive computer abilities and his notorious hacking prowess, Irhabi changed the face of the jihadi Internet world through his ability to covertly and securely disseminate violent materials including manuals of weaponry, videos of jihadist feats, such as the beheadings perpetrated by Iraqi insurgents, and other inflammatory media files. Irhabi’s allure began developing from his first day in the public domain of jihadist websites, when in February 2004 he joined the password protected al-Qaeda affiliated message forum known as Muntada al-Ansar al-Islami...


  • Possessed a video showing how to make a car bomb.
  • Possessed a video showing a number of places in Washington DC and including a CRBN (chemical, radiological, biological and nuclear) vehicle.
  • Conspiracy to murder.
  • Conspiracy to cause an explosion.
  • Conspiracy to cause a public nuisance, conspiracy to obtain money by deception and other offences under the Terrorism Act

Special Branch officers believe Waseem Mughal and Younis Tsouli, both 22, were planning to detonate a vehicle packed with explosives before killing themselves in suicide bombings in crowded shopping centres or on a train or bus.     

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wtorek, 07 marca 2006


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   Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.IPOWERWEB.NET
   Name Server: NS1.IPOWERDNS.COM
   Updated Date: 02-mar-2006
   Creation Date: 02-mar-2006
   Expiration Date: 02-mar-2007

 OrgName:    iPowerWeb, Inc.
OrgID:      IPOWE
Address:    2800 28th Street Suite 205
City:       Santa Monica
StateProv:  CA
PostalCode: 90405
Country:    US

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niedziela, 05 marca 2006

Zawahri calls for strikes against West


download audio

DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslims to attack the West in an audio tape posted on the Internet on Saturday, urging similar strikes as those against New York, London and Madrid in recent years.

In a video of his remarks aired by Al Jazeera television, Zawahri also urged the Islamist militant group Hamas not to recognise peace deals signed by the Palestinian

"(Muslims have to) inflict losses on the crusader West, especially to its economic infrastructure with strikes that would make it bleed for years," said Zawahri, an Egyptian.

"The strikes on New York, Washington, Madrid and London are the best examples," he said.

"We have to prevent the crusader West from stealing the Muslims' oil which is being drained in the biggest robbery in history," he added. It was not clear if the tape was made before the failed al Qaeda attack last month on a major Saudi oil facility.

"Reaching power is not a goal by itself ... and no Palestinian has the right to give away a grain of the soil," said Zawahri in comments directed at Hamas. "The secularists in the Palestinian Authority have sold out Palestine for crumbs... Giving them legitimacy is against Islam."

The U.S. State Department dismissed the threats.

"No taped video threats will weaken our commitment to work with out allies in the international community to combat international terrorism and violent extremism, or to bring to justice those responsible for the murder of innocent civilians," said Justin Higgins, a U.S. State Department spokesman.

Fight on, al-Zawahiri tells Hamas


Hamas rejects al-Qaida reprimand

Hamas has rejected al-Qaida criticism for taking part in the Palestinian elections, saying the movement had contested the polls on the basis of "Islam as the solution".

The comment was made by Mahmoud al-Zahar, the leader of the Hamas bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) on Sunday. Al-Zahar was responding to the criticism by Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaida's second-in-command, who blasted Hamas for taking part in the elections alongside those he called "seculars".

Hamas rejects al-Qaida reprimand



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czwartek, 02 marca 2006

From the Biographies of the Prominent Martyrs of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Al-Hazbar al-Nahdi

sear 14

download sear 14

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sobota, 25 lutego 2006

badawiELBANEHphoto : fbi

Two recent escapees from a Yemeni terrorist prison were added on Thursday to the FBI's list of most wanted terrorists.

Jamal al-Badawi ( on left) and Jaber Elbaneh (on right ) were part of a group of 23 al-Qaida prisoners who escaped Feb. 3 from a detention center in San`a, Yemen, through a 180-yard-long tunnel that surfaced in a mosque. The State Department is offering a $5 million reward for their capture

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Al-Qaeda Attempt to Blow up Saudi Oil Refinery

Jeddah, Asharq Al-Awsat-Saudi security forces prevented a terrorist attack on the Abqaiq oil refinery yesterday according to a statement by the Saudi Ministry of Petroleum.

Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said oil and gas output was unaffected by the "terrorist attempt". Al-Naimi said that the incident resulted in a minor fire which was immediately extinguished. Production in the facility continues at full capacity, and export operations are continuing as usual, he added.

Saudi security adviser Nawaf Obaid told Reuters news agency that security forces fired on three cars at the outer gates of the Abqaiq facility, 1.5 kilometers (one mile) from the main entrance. One car was carrying gunmen and two others, packed with explosives, rammed the gates, he said. All the attackers were killed. Security sources in Riyadh said four militants and two security officers died and two other officers were wounded.In a recent development Al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility for the attacks. In an online Statement, the remains to be authenticated said two of its militants carried out the suicide attack. "With grace from God alone, hero mujahideen from the squadron of Sheikh Osama bin Laden succeeded today (Friday) penetrating a plant for refining oil and gas in the town of Abqaiq in the eastern part of the peninsula, and then allowed two car bombs in driven by two martyrdom seekers," it said. It said the raid was within the framework of efforts by al Qaeda to prevent the theft of Muslims' wealth by "crusaders and Jews" and to force "infidels" out of the peninsula. Saudi Arabia has waged a successful three-year crackdown on al-Qaeda's branch in the kingdom. Security forces have killed or captured most of the branch's known top leaders, most recently in gun battles in December, after the militants launched a campaign in 2003 to overthrow the U.S.-allied royal family with a string of attacks.

 OSINT EXLUSIVE : Al Qaida statement  


SYSTRAN translation :

Praise be to God of custodian [aalmtqyn], nor enemies except on oppressive, and the prayer and the peace on the envoy in the CIF mercy for the scientists, Mohammed disagreed and on his family and his friends ['ajme'yn], as for after:
So by virtue of from Allah and his border Sheikh of Osama bin Laden could the militants the heroes in secrecy kept him Allah in supporter this today sixth Friday and the twenty from month prohibited Allah for year thousand and four hundred and seven and twenty for the migration from penetration ['aHdY] the oil factories to repeating of the oil and the gas in civilian [bqyq] east of island Arabic and hence then entering cars of explosives-laden leads them martyrs, and this treated helps on looting and robbers of wealths Muslim from the oil, will and come you in details practical at the time subsequent will and mention in her our blessed heroes secret indeed Allah wanted.

This operation within arranged of the operations resulted which straightens in her organization of Al-Qaeda in war cruciferous and the Jew, and stopping of robberies their for wealths Muslim and within their project of taking out the Arabic polytheist from island.
These heroes honorable example from youths of the Islam in island Arabic, and their examples plenty in praising Allah all them the testimony races to [wytlhfwn] for deadly enemies of Allah from the Jew and cruciferous and their guilt from the deserted rulers, and eats them [ye'tSr] turning his be acquainted with for stricken his brothers the Muslim in Palestine and Afghanistan and Iraq is faithful all place, and will sees from them what the chest in permission Allah heal rose.
O God Hungarian house the book the zipper [haazm] the parties defeats America and allied her, O God defeats them and shakes them and christianizes us on them [yaa] strong [yaa] Aziz.

download Nefti.doc

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The Mujahideen Shura Council    Dababh_082

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czwartek, 23 lutego 2006



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środa, 22 lutego 2006

Army of Ansar al Sunnah car  I.E.D

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wtorek, 21 lutego 2006

Jack Duggan  a man   from  the center of the anthrax letters investigation says on :



The 9/11 attacks were created for justification of U.S. covert plans to grab influence over oil politics in the Middle East and as an excuse to take away the rest of Americans' liberties through a manufactured threat-scenario called, "The War On Terror."

What good are all the thousands of articles about politics, global warming, education, scandals, religion, economics and how we must always go out and vote so that we can "make a difference"? If our votes really did make a difference, they'd be illegal...

I will tell you here and tell you now with no equivocation: THE 9/11 ATTACKS WERE NOT DONE BY TERRORISTS.

Jack Duggan lives in Hamilton, "Fort Apache," New Jersey,

the center of the anthrax letters investigation

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Mortar atack on US base

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Abu Al-Leyth Al-Libi   audio

Part 1 e

Part 2 K

"One can note an important point in the interview, (in addition to the situation favorable in Afghanistan for Moujahidines)

The call to link the voice with the remainder of the currents of Ahl Sunna, and it noted two important points:

1- Not to isolate Moujahidines from the remainder of the opinion and to decrease the importance of the others."

2- That Moujahidines are not separated from the Scientists and large Erudite of Oumma, in Minhaj, the efforts of interpretation etc

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Army Ansar al Sunnah - hostage video

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niedziela, 12 lutego 2006  

In the name of God, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate

Praise be to God god of the scientists, and the prayer and the peace on Imam of the militants disagreed Mohammed, and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]… After: The informational organization visible progress the issuance “speaker of Fatima”, Allah asks to the work makes pure for face his generous and militant in the martyrs receives our, and comes him [suu'lah]…

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czwartek, 09 lutego 2006

The Army of Fatihin  Jaish Fatihin

video logoI.E.D

The Army of Fatihin has in its first official statement announced its creation, known as which it results from the Islamic Army in Iraq. It is in fact the “Briguade of Al Akbar Moujahidines”, one of Briguades of the Islamic Army in Iraq. Its detachment of the Islamic Army does not have due a disagreement, but reasons strategic and the concern of answering futures needs.

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środa, 08 lutego 2006
Abu Hamza jailed for seven years
abu hamza

Abu Hamza has been jailed for seven years after being found guilty of encouraging his followers to murder non-Muslims in a series of hate-filled sermons. 

Hamza, aged 47, was also convicted of using threatening and abusive words to try and stir up racial hatred following a four-week trial at London's Central Criminal Court. 

The former Imam at the North London Central Mosque was also found guilty of possessing threatening, abusive or insulting recordings with a view to distributing them and of possessing a document likely to be useful to a terrorist. 

A jury considered footage and transcripts of nine of Hamza's speeches and sermons. Officers from the Met's Anti-Terrorist Branch recovered more than 2,700 audiotapes and 570 video tapes after a search of his home address in May 2004. 


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poniedziałek, 06 lutego 2006

Two editors arrested in Jordan over prophet cartoons

Two Jordanian tabloid editors have been arrested after their newspapers were the only Arab-based publications to print controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, a source said.  The caricatures, which included depictions of the Muslim prophet as a knife-wielding bedouin and another as wearing a time bomb-shaped turban, have sparked widespread protests in the Muslim world.

Hashem al-Khalidi, editor-in-chief of a weekly tabloid called Al-Mehwar which printed the cartoons in its January 26 edition, was arrested shortly before midnight (2200 GMT) Saturday, the source close to Khalidi told AFP.

Jihad Momani, the former editor-in-chief who was sacked on Friday from the helm of the weekly gossip newspaper Shihane, was earlier arrested on the order of prosecutors for having printed three of the cartoons, a judicial source told AFP.

Shihane published the drawings on Thursday, and the paper's publisher subsequently pulled all editions from the newsstands.  The cartoons had appeared along an editorial by Momani appealing to Muslims to "be reasonable"

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Hackers against cartoons

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