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Tehrik-e-Taliban mujahideen in South Waziristan

Tehrik-e-Taliban have claimed responsibility for kidnapping a Polish engineer

Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for kidnapping a Polish engineer, who was kidnapped on Sunday after his two drivers and a security guard were killed during the abduction.

Police said that unknown gunmen kidnapped Peter Stanczak after he was ambushed as he and colleagues were traveling to oil plants in their vehicle near the village of Pind Sultani in Attock district, about 110 kilometres from Islamabad.

A Taliban spokesman said that they have shifted the Polish engineer to a safe place.

He said that Taliban will not free the engineer unless their colleagues arrested in Bajaur, Swat and Darra tribal region are freed. He also warned that the life of Polish engineer will be in danger if arrested militants were not freed.  Taliban in Swat have also demanded release of 136 colleagues for the release of two engineers, who were kidnapped a month ago.

"We have conveyed our demand to the negotiation team," Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said.

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