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Abducted Polish appeals Pakistan save his life

ATTOCK: Polish geologist Peter S, kidnapped a fortnight ago from Attock, recorded his statement in the custody of Taliban at an unknown location near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

In a DVD message sent to Dawn by the Taliban, Mr Stanczak read out a written statement in the English and Polish languages. He appealed to the Pakistani government to accept the demands of Taliban to save his life.  Militants in Darra Adamkhel had claimed in early October that a Polish engineer was in their custody.
Taliban’s spokesman Mohammad had then told journalists that the engineer had been kidnapped by them and brought from Attock across the Indus to Kohat by boat and then shifted to an unspecified location.
He had said the engineer would be killed if the government did not release the detained Taliban

You may question why this newspaper received this message?

Here is why :

"these so called English news papers are actually funded & bought by foreign investor, they never speak in the favor of pakistan,2 days before operation in barah,dawn publish the news that” Taliban are about to take over Peshawar with main headlines & operation started” how easily they can sabotage peace deal & negociation,how they work for foreign agenda. Country where you have less then 5% people read a understand English, you think they really make business. "no" but they do impact the liberals & decision making people. It can be negative & it can be positive. Only education can save our society from these evil intended institution. "

wtorek, 14 października 2008, cyberspace