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Pole kidnapped !


Authorities in Poland are also in contact with police, a foreign ministry spokesman said in Warsaw. The company has also set up a crisis team, its marketing director Stanislaw Szabelski told Poland’s PAP news agency.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Taliban militants have been blamed for abducting Westerners in the past. Asked who was behind the latest kidnapping, police official Faisal Manzoor said: “You know the prevailing circumstances in the country. The (Afghan) border is just 16 kilometres from here.”

In August, Taliban militants kidnapped two Chinese telecommunication engineers from restive Swat valley in North West Frontier Province.
The Chinese, working for Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment, were still being held by the Taliban who were demanding the release of fellow militants from custody in return for their freedom, officials said


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Islamic militants struck back at security forces in Pakistan's northwest while gunmen Sunday abducted a Polish engineer and extended a wave of attacks on foreigners.

Officials said armed men in a car ambushed a vehicle carrying a Polish engineer early Sunday morning near the northwestern city of Attock.

The assailants killed the three Pakistanis in the vehicle — the driver, a guard and an assistant to the engineer — before kidnapping the Pole, police official Faisal Manzoor said.

Polish Embassy spokesman Piotr Adamkiewicz confirmed the abduction and said the victim worked for Geofizyka, a company based in the Polish city of Krakow which helps survey Pakistani oil fields,

It was unclear if the kidnappers would seek a ransom or make political demands in return for his release.

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